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June 26, 2013
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Twenty five years of marriage and four beautiful children. That's what Rarity and Fluttershy had accomplished together. Their names were Kiwi Cherry the pegasus filly, Steam Honor and his twin unicorn sister Soul and their youngest earth pony Velvet Shimmer.

Each was a full grown pony now and was out of the house. Kiwi was working with Aunt Applejack on Sweet Apple Acres, Steam was at Sugarcube Corner with Aunt Pinkie Pie making people laugh and smile, Soul graduated Celestia's School for Magic and opened a school right in Ponyville, Velvet was set to receive Carousel Boutique when Rarity retired in a couple years.
But Rarity was far from happy at the moment. Her life up to the last decade was magnificent. When Fluttershy's late marefriend and Rarity's close friend Rainbow Dash died in the changeling attack on Ponyville almost thirty years ago, Fluttershy was so upset that it almost killed Rarity seeing her like that. She went over to Fluttershy's everyday for a solid year to help her. If it was to comfort her, help feed and take care of the animals or anything in general. If Fluttershy needed it, Rarity was there. A year after Rainbow Dash's passing, Pinkie Pie had organized a trip to Manehatten.
They were at a very amazing nightclub where the now retired DJ Pon-3 had been playing. Vinyl Scratch had started one of her more iconic songs and Rarity was set to go dancing until Fluttershy asked to talk to her. Later that night, Fluttershy had admitted that she needed to move on from Rainbow Dash, that she shouldn't cry over her forever. Because of Rarity's hard work and loyalty, Fluttershy had developed feelings for Rarity. Feelings that Rarity had had for Fluttershy for many years but didn't confess until that night. They dated for a while and got married.

Not long after, they adopted their children. Their children grew up, got their cutie marks and left the proverbial nest. Rarity had payed for a vacation in the Ibex Empire. Big mistake. Fluttershy had contracted an illness that was determined to be terminal. Fluttershy has been in and out of hospitals ever since.

"I just don't know what to do, Applejack!" Rarity sobbed, "Of all the things to happen, this is THE! WORST! POSSIBLE! THING!" the now middle aged fashionesta had sobbed.
"You know she's been sick, hon." Applejack, now at age 48 and the owner of the farm, said. "No, I mean, I feel so helpless!" "I tell ye what, Rare. Take Kiwi and get to Canterlot. Go spend some time with Fluttershy. OI, KIWI!!! C'MERE!" the orange haired mare hollered. A snow white pegasus mare with a black mane, blue eyes and an apple tree cutie mark flew over. "Yeah, Aunt Applejack?" She asked. "Take yer momma here to Canterlot. I'll be along soon."
"Ok." Kiwi took Rarity to the train station. "Mom...?" Rarity looked at her oldest daughter. "Do you think Mom's gonna...?" "Kiwi Cherry, I will not tolerate talk like that!" Rarity snapped, "I'm so sorry... I really don't know, honey, but I hope she'll come home..." a tear fell from Rarity's cheek.

Pinkie and Steam, Soul, Velet and Twilight had met Rarity on the train. The twins sat on either side of Rarity. Each had the same matching mint coat, offwhite mane and indigo eyes. Steam's cutie mark was that of a comedy mask where as Soul's was a star wand. Velvet sat in between Aunts Pinkie and Twilight looking right at her mom. Velvet was a mix of her mothers. She had Fluttershy's cream yellow coat, Rarity's eyes and mane kept cut at jaw length, purple eye shadow over her eyes and her cutie mark was a spool of pink thread attached to a sewing needle. "Mom..." Steam had opened his mouth to say something but closed it right back up.
He looked at Aunt Pinkie and they started singing for Rarity.

My name is Pinkie Pie
Steam, too! And we are here to say

"Please... I can't hear that song right now... As much as Fluttershy and I love it..." Velvet put a hoof on her mother's leg. "It'll be ok, Mommy..." she said. "Oh, Velvet..." Rarity pulled her youngest in for a hug as she silently sobbed on her shoulder. "where's applejack?" Rarity heard Twilight whisper to Pinkie. "she missed the train, she'll catch the next one." Pinkie whispered back.

Princess Celestia was waiting at the station. "Rarity, the doctors have told me that Fluttershy IS stable... but..." Celestia looked at Rarity's children, then nodded over to the coffee shop near by. Rarity knew an invitation when she saw one. They sat at the first open table they saw. "I have some bad news. The disease that Fluttershy contracted in the Ibex Empire... it's gotten worse. We've done all we can for her. The doctors, as well as myself, think that... Tonight... might be Fluttershy's final night in Equestria..." Rarity sobbed harder than ever at this. "DAMN IT!!!" she slammed the table with her hoof. Celestia put her hoof on Rarity's. "Go see her. Make these last few hours memorable, Rarity..." Rarity got up and nodded to Celestia.

They'd found Fluttershy's room. "Ladies... the children and I would like to go in first..." "Rarity, you don't even need to ask." Twilight said. "Go on, we'll wait here for Applejack and be in." Pinkie said.

Knock Knock. "Come in." Rarity and her kids went in. "Hello, my wonderful children." Fluttershy hugged them all tightly. Rarity could barely look at her wife, she was so distraught. Fluttershy was hooked to a breather, her EKG monitor was beeping slowly and her mane was terribly thin. "Rarity..." Fluttershy cooed. "Fluttershy..." Rarity cried as the two kissed.
"How're you doing, Mom?" Velvet asked in her Fluttershyish voice. "I've been better, honey. Are the girls here?" she asked her wife. Rarity couldn't speak as she was fighting back tears so she nodded. Soul had let the girls, now accompanied by Applejack, in.
"How ya doin, Sugarcube?" Applejack asked.
"Not well... I've recently contracted this irritating cough." Fluttershy answered.
"Anything we can do to help?" Twilight asked as Pinkie Pie faceplanted the bed and started sobbing. Damn it, Pinkie Pie! Rarity walked next to Fluttershy and laid her head on Fluttershy's lap and let the tears pour out.
"I'm sorry, no..." She looked to her children.

"Kids, I want you to listen to me. Mommy doesn't have a lot of time left." she started as she stroked Rarity's graying mane. The children they adopted started crying as well. "But death is a natural part of life. Just because Mommy isn't with you in body, I am always with you in your hearts. I love each and every one of you more than I could possibly describe. Rarity?" Rarity's head jerked up so fast, her neck cracked. "I would like you to have somethings."
Fluttershy took off the necklace she had been wearing. It was the necklace Rarity made her twenty six years ago of Rainbow Dash's cutie mark. "Also... Velvet?" Velvet understood perfectly. Velvet went in her purse and pulled out a small box and gave it to Rarity. Rarity opened it and cried. The chain was adorned with pink gemstones and the pendant was three butterflies. Fluttershy's cutie mark.
"Our daughter made that at my request." Rarity heard Fluttershy say as she put it on. She turned around and hugged Fluttershy. Fluttershy kissed Rarity. "Rarity, please... don't be sad. I love you..." She said as her EKG flatlined.
"Fluttershy...?" No response. "FLUTTERSHY! FLUTTERSHY!!!" Rarity sobbed.

Fluttershy, Rarity's wife of twenty five years... had died.

They held the funeral in Ponyville. A private ceremony. Friends, family. Celestia, Luna and Cadance had made it a top priority to attend. Shining Armor sat next to a sobbing Twilight Sparkle. All the animals at Fluttershy's old home near the Everfree Forest had arrived. Her children gave their last words about their mother. Rarity tried to speak but was crying too hard to talk. Twilight, Pinkie and Applejack talked about all the adventures they'd had with Rarity, Fluttershy... and Rainbow Dash. After the ceremony, the only ones left at Fluttershy's tombstone were Rarity, her children, Twilight and her brother. Twilight and Shining had put their hooves on Rarity's shoulders, who was slumped over and crying her eyes out. Soon they had left.

It started to rain. Only Rarity and Velvet had remained. Velvet hugged her mother. "It's alright, Mom... Mommy's in a better place." Rarity cried in her daughter's shoulder for what seemed like hours. "Velvet..." Rarity sniffled, "I'm giving you the Boutique. I'm retiring... Maybe I can relax until I see your mother again..." "No! I don't want to lose you, too, Mommy!" "You won't. Not for a long time. I'll stay in Ponyville and help you and your siblings when you need it. Ok?" Velvet smiled and nodded as tears fell.

"Fluttershy... I love you... I'll see you again, someday." Rarity said out loud before she fell asleep that night.
Rarity has been worried sick for the last decade. Fluttershy is VERY sick.

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
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  The story´s end is very sad. :tears:  But at least Fluttershy had a long life,dying surrounded by love of the her family and friends! :aww:
Eeyup. She's fine in my canon stories featuring Jackpot.
  I hope see Rarity(And also the Fluttershy´s kids)happy on your next pony fanfic. :greetings:
Actually this canon ended right here. All I'll say is that, in the series I write about Jackpot, is that she's with Big Mac and they have twin daughters.
  Sorry,I don´t know Jackpot,and not how is her look either.  :oops:
He. Jackpot's a guy. There's a whole journal for all of those stories in my gallery.
 Thanks by information!By the way: Jackpot is a OC yours? :greetings:
Yeah. He's the adopted son of Applejack.
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